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I am having the usual trouble with Yodel

October 30, 2015

I am having the usual trouble with Yodel, expect to receive an item, not arrived, not scanned gathering dust in some over priced warehouse no doubt, getting the same cant be arsed attitude responses and just generally pissed off with YODEL not a contact number in site!

YODEL staff just lied to me

October 15, 2014

Having worked in the Logistics business, I understand the issues. However, it appears that Yodel staff have been advised not to help/enguage with anyone who they see as a low usage sender. We went through Parcels2go and 5 calls latter (I know what questions to ask) it was clear each member of staff was lying. No one was at all intrest in searching for the lost parcel.

Even though it had no value to anyone else, so was unlikely to have been stolen. It was clearly lost, with no one prepared to search. No one ever asked me for a description of parcel of content. We were promised call backs twice (never happened). We were put through to a department that didn’t answer and doesn’t exsist according to other call handlers. Very disapointed at how transparent their lies are, and how obvious it is that they should waist over 1.5 hours our our time on the 5 calls, rather than just add our parcel to their search. As an experinced user of Logistics – this is a new low.

They can’t even lie well.

Problem lies with the bosses, not the drivers

December 12, 2013

I had a very good experience with yodel, delivery was on time and parcel was in excellent condition. I think the drivers are over worked and under paid. I think the problem lies with the people running the business who are actually the main reason as to why the business is really going downhill with these kind of antics

I am an ex YODEL driver and would never go back

December 12, 2013

Just heard about this website and love it. And that’s speaking as an ex driver for Yodel. I had to stop driving this Christmas for medical reasons, and I’m glad to be out. If you think it’s hell being one of Yodels customers, just try being their employee. It’s a nightmare, and the real source of where this hell comes from. It’s flat out impossible to actually do this job or earn even minimum wage without taking risks and cutting corners on deliveries. The liability and burden is all placed onto the driver, and the head office hasn’t got a clue how the job actually works outside their depots.

Personally I wasn’t prepared to take the kinds of risks required to keep up with

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