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I have had a few shares of bad experiences with yodel

June 20, 2016

Here are a few;

1) Abusive drivers. Back in 2010 I was walking down the road, and the yodel driver said “Hey Fatty mcs**t do you know where the local takeaway is? Oh wait, you probably live there”. At the time I was suffering from an over-eating habit, so I was overweight.

I was hurt by comments like that, especially as I was trying to be more healthy. Obviously I did call Yodel to complain and they said that their driver did not say that and they have evidence to prove it. When I asked for evidence they put the phone down on me.

Unluckily for them, I had been recording the driver’s behaviour via a sound recording app on my phone.
Sent the audio in and got a poorly made email saying that they apologised for the incident and the driver will be talked to.

2) Delivering to the wrong street. Basically my street has a similar name to the next street. I was out at the time and I came back home to see a yodel van drive off. I noticed by our bin, 6 large boxes. Basically the driver dropped them at our house however the address on the 6 boxes were at a different number and address. I ended up dropping them off myself as yodel said that it was my responsibility as I signed for it, despite the fact that I was out. These 6 boxes had roughly between 25kg to 100kg. I had to walk to deliver these on a summer day. It was a 1 mile walk yet it felt like longer due to the weather. Luckily the person was in, and he was grateful for me but extremely annoyed at yodel.

This happened twice with the same house and same company.

3) Leaving valuable equipment outside. My next door neighbour works for a IT company. He works days whereas I used to work nights. Yodel then drops off 8-10 boxes that say “High Value goods, do not leave outside” in giant red letters. Obviously he did not knock so I did not see them until he posted a note 1 hour later.

Obviously Yodel’s customer service blamed me for not answering the door despite the fact that I had CCTV at the time which proved he never knocked on the door.

Also if anyone wanted to know, each box had £10k worth of equipment.

4) Their twitter feed. If anyone tweets yodel then they will know my pain. First of all, they use the same phrases but replace the name. Second the stupid hashtags #MaryCares. Obviously if Mary did care, you would at least reply a tweet that isn’t copied etc. If you are lucky you would get a reply.

Next is their DM. Obviously if you DM them, any complaints are kept hidden from the public. WHY? because their reputation can get damaged (like their parcels!) from bad publicilty. However they will claim it is data protection which is a lie.

Also have you noticed if you mention the word parcel, or late, they tend to jump on your tweet and ask if you need help. This happened to me when I was tweeting AmazonUK.

Lastly is the spam. I noticed if you tag them, they will ask if you need help at least once a day. The highest amount was 5 tweets within a 2 day period.

So to summarise or for people who didn’t read all of my rant, Yodel are the worst company completely and I would LOVE it when the company finally goes bankrupt.

That’s it, thanks for reading.

The 10 worst things YODEL has ever done

June 18, 2016

Over the few years we have been running YODELhell we have seen some pretty awful things done by YODEL. We thought it was high time we created a top 10. Naturally, this proved very difficult as we’re sure you can imagine. As a result of the many incredulous actions from this company, our top 10 features the 12 worst things YODEL has ever done.

Hey, if you can pick any of these we could have cut out, let us know.

At the end of the article you’ll be able to vote on your favourite. Choose carefully, as this isn’t an easy decision to make. You may find some of these YODEL actions difficult to believe but, we assure you, they’re all 100% real. It’ll make you wonder why on earth any companies still use them, but they do. You can see a list of the companies using YODEL here, so you know who not to use.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the 10 (12) worst things YODEL has ever done.

1 – Taken a shit in a customer’s garden

We thought we’d kick off with one of our favourites. Not content with failing to deliver parcels, one YODEL courier thought he’d leave his own special delivery with a customer – a big steaming pile of his own faeces.

Yes, YODEL employs the sort of people who shit in customers’ gardens.

In case you’re thinking that this could have been a large cat, or maybe a fox, the disgusting YODEL courier ‘wiped’ his derriere with a YODEL branded ‘sorry we missed you’ card, and left it next to his excrement.

And you thought you were unhappy to come home and find YODEL had ‘dumped’ something in your garden. This also proves we’ve been wrong all these years when we said YODEL doesn’t give a shit. It does. Literally.

2 – Killed a cat

One lady came home to find YODEL had left a parcel in her garden for someone else – a common occurrence for YODEL as they dump parcels anywhere, regardless of where they’re actually supposed to be left. On contacting YODEL to retrieve the parcel the incompetent courier picked it up, only to leave her garden gate wide open so her cat could get out – and promptly get run over and killed.

The former cat owner tweeted a picture of the dead cat to YODEL.

Now, you may think this is pretty bad and, surely, their customer service team would treat this with absolute importance, care and tact.

Like bollocks they did. They offered a bunch of flowers and suggested she could leave them in the cat’s favourite spot.

Oh yes they did.

The bunch of flowers the lady was offered, of course, also didn’t arrive when they were supposed to. But then, you could have guessed that.

This is just the first two of 12. They get worse, much worse.

3 – left a parcel on a customer’s roof

This one was so special it made it to BBC’s Have I Got News for You. A YODEL courier, when confronted with a customer who was not home, was left no option than to attempt to throw the parcel through an upstairs window. At least that’s how he saw it. Yes, he could have left it with a neighbour, or left an unsoiled ‘sorry we missed you’ card and taken the parcel back with him. No, this YODEL courier decided to lob it through a window – caring not for what was in the parcel, or what was inside the window.

Lit candle, priceless Fabergé egg, baby in a cot – it mattered not, he was going for it.

Sadly he overcooked the throw and it landed on the roof. What to do now eh? No worries, he left a card for the homeowner that simply said ‘sorry top off your roof’.

This is how YODEL handles your parcels. Remember, we have a list of companies still using them here.

4 – Gave out a woman’s mobile number to customers so they could complain

Sadly we can’t provide a link for this one as the poor woman has been forced to make her Twitter account private after this. Her mobile number was sent out in automated messages to YODEL customers so they could call up and find out where their parcels had gone. Naturally, she received a LOT of phone calls that week. Calls from very angry people who were trying to find out why YODEL was so incompetent.

She contacted YODEL and told them. Did they leap into action? Did they apologise profusely? No, they dealt with it in their usual way of sending her the standard automated response and to send them a DM and they would send her some information.

She was eventually promised a call back from the CEO, which never came.

5 – Caught on video throwing parcels into a YODEL branded truck

You really couldn’t make this one up. Couriers were videoed throwing parcels into a YODEL truck, from some great distance. Parcels can be seen bouncing around as though they were utterly worthless – which seems to be how YODEL treats all of your parcels.

YODEL responded to this video stating their drivers are trained to never throw a parcel. Remember the parcel on a roof?

We’re not quite sure how, or why, you would train someone to not throw a parcel. Would it take the form of: Day one, lesson one “Right lads, listen up because this is a tricky one. Don’t throw parcels. That’s it, congratulations you’ve passed the training”?

However they train them to not throw parcels, it isn’t working.

6 – Drifted a van around a roundabout

We love this one. This video pretty much says all we need to say, so just watch it.

7 – Disposed of a wedding cake instead of delivering it

Quite why you would hire YODEL to deliver your wedding cake, we don’t know. One couple, however, did decide that YODEL was the perfect courier to take their wedding cake from the cake maker in London to their wedding in Glasgow.

We should reiterate at this point that the cake maker didn’t choose YODEL. It was the couple’s choice.

Anyhow, this is what the cake looked like before it was sent.

Beautiful isn’t it? Sadly we can only imagine what it looked like after YODEL had finished with it because it never made it to Glasgow. Instead the cake maker was informed that the cake was damaged in transit and YODEL had disposed of it.

That’s right, disposed of it. Sod the couple’s wedding. Sod your wedding cake. We know you paid us to deliver it but bollocks to it, we broke it and dumped it. What you gonna do?

8 – Run over and killed a pensioner

If you’re not a cat lover and YODEL having been responsible for killing a cat doesn’t disgust you, they’ve also killed a pensioner. A YODEL courier reversed over the pensioner, a former school teacher, in Derbyshire in 2015.

You didn’t think this company had been going this long without killing someone, did you?

9 – Smashed the Tower Poppies

Do you remember the Tower Poppies exhibit, and how you could buy one of these very fragile porcelain poppies as a keepsake? Well, they were entrusted with YODEL to deliver them. You can guess what happened next.

Yep, one of them was lobbed a good 25 foot over a gate. Watch the video.

Many of these fragile items, which were created for Remembrance Day, were systematically destroyed by YODEL’s caring hands before they reached their new owners. Remember those who died in the First World War? YODEL doesn’t give a toss, unless it’s tossing parcels.

10 – Sexually harassed a woman

In one of the most disturbing YODEL incidents of recent years, a YODEL courier made a note of a woman’s mobile number after delivering her parcel (I know right, he actually delivered it!) and then proceeded to send her sexually suggestive texts.

This is especially worrying when you consider the YODEL courier knows where the woman lives – assuming he could find her address again, of course. She complained to YODEL and they gave the same standard crap response they give to everyone who complains about their staff ‘the driver is being spoken to’.

Remember, these are the same couriers who shit in someone’s garden, ran over and killed a pensioner and…

11 – Robbed a hospital patient

I know what you’re thinking – we’re making this up now. Surely YODEL has not robbed a hospital patient. Oh yes they did. Yodel delivery driver Daniel Whiteley stole a handbag from a stroke victim as she lay in hospital.

YODEL courier

I think we should repeat that, just so you have chance for it to sink in. A YODEL courier stole the handbag from a stroke victim as she lay in her hospital bed. She later died.

There’s not much else we can say about this one, it kinda speaks for itself.

12 – Dumped Valentine’s Day gifts, undelivered, in the street

Valentine’s Day is that special day of the year when you show your significant other just how much you love them. It’s also that time of the year when YODEL is trusted to deliver live flowers up and down the country and, naturally, not all of their drivers gives a shit. One lady came across a pile of boxes which were dumped by a YODEL courier, and she tweeted the pictures at YODEL. She explained how the boxes were all full of undelivered gifts.

The boxes were branded with the companies who had trusted YODEL to deliver their flowers to their customers. You can see from the pictures these brands included Inter Flora, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and

Every Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day we see complaints on Twitter of gifts that have never arrived, have arrived dead or have been thrown into gardens. Nobody seems to care.

So, now the power is in your hands. Which of these awful things is your personal favourite? What, in your opinion, is the worst thing YODEL has ever done?

Choose your favourite and vote now. Also give this a share on Twitter and Facebook so your friends can see just how bad YODEL is and they can cast their vote.

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YODEL said they couldn’t gain entry – lies!

June 18, 2016

Waited in as our parcel was due from yodel then got message on tracker saying unable to deliver parcel as can’t get into flat timed 10-31am.

We were sitting on the front garden from 9-30 until way beyond 11-00am and we have no access communal door to enter in to worry about.

The truth is our prop is a new build and the driver couldn’t be bothered to find our prop or ring the contact number to ask. Pathetic service yet again !!!

I would never use YODEL after this

June 18, 2016

What a rubbish service. They left a card at a friend’s house who is away for a bit so I thought I’d be helpful and call them to get it sent to me or change the date.

All I wanted to do was talk to someone…. idiot! Their “call us on” number is solely automated and actually cuts you off saying that you “haven’t provided the right information” or “we cannot help you further”. What absolutely rubbish customer service.

I would NEVER use Yodel for any commercial packages or personal ones.

YODEL lied about delivery

June 18, 2016

I don’t like being lied to yesterday 7/6/16 I was told my delivery was on the van and then at 10:40 it had been delivered. I contacted yodel and they told me it was.

Today 8/6/2016 my parcel turns up.

How can anyone believe what they say???

YODEL driver on mobile with parcel blocking view

June 18, 2016

I saw one of your delivery drivers on his mobile phone whilst driving down a narrow road today, he almost ran into me as he also had a parcel on the dashboard behind the steering wheel which was blocking his view.

YODEL admits parcel is lost

June 18, 2016

Yodel were ment to deliver my parcel on 14th June 2016.
The Parcel Picked Up 13/06/2016 – 14:02 and did not arrive at depot for scanning.

Now 2 days later after hearing lie after lie they say my parcel is lost what a joke!

YODEL have no idea where my parcel is

February 3, 2016

I received message parcel in secure place and to find tracking number in the post. nothing is on the post so have no tracking number.

Now I’ve called 4 times to the automated system to find where do I need to do the pick up, but I can not get through the automated system that all that says at the end is “if no tracking number or you havent been able to be recognized, good bye!” .

how am I going to collect my parcel if I dont know where it is, and can speak to no one?? worst service EVER

Gousto and Honestbrew deliveries missing

February 3, 2016

Another lost Gousto box today. I also had a delivery with Honestbrew on the same van and both are showing as delivered but I’m at home and neither have been delivered, left in a safe place and no card.

Having contacted Yodel it will take 2 days to interview the driver – in the meantime the food box will be ruined. Hope the driver enjoys my food and beer.

Tried complaining to YODEL – waste of time

February 3, 2016

I have recently had an unsuccessful attempt to complain to yodel. I was told my parcel was delivered, signed for by a mid 50’s woman, described my house perfectly. However I was at work and so once I heard this I searched my CCTV. I have clear evidence of the yodel driver walking up to my front door, waiting, walking to my back gate, checking the house again and then hurling – not carefully dropping – but throwing my parcel over the gate. When I tried to complain via on line chat I got no where.

When I tried to find a phone number I couldn’t. However I found an email through trust pilot and then had a number of emails going over the same rubbish, with no apology or compensation for my soaking wet damaged parcel, let alone the lies, the fraudulent ‘signing’ of my signature and the lack of compassion from Yodel.

I have threatened the police – as was told – oh we will get the depot manager to talk with the driver – NOT good enough. If you would like more details, or photos, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I got your details from the CH 4 dispatches twitter, but I am on twitter (cant tweet ! – never used before !) and I don’t know how to contact them. My parcel was from Italy and a birthday present. I don’t see why the sender should have to use their insurance for a blatant, mis-use of trust from yodel……

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