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How do you actually get YODEL to deliver?

April 15, 2019

My heart sank when i got the message that YODEL would be delivering my order – I knew getting my package was going to be a mission now.. So I received the standard note through the door advising that I missed the delivery. Yes you missed me because like nearly everyone out there I’m not in at 2.30pm because guess what I WORK!! Soooooooooooooooo I called the automated system to arrange re delivery – Seemed easy enough. My item would be delivered next day – Saturday. Great !!

Well not great actually. Around 12pm Saturday I called our good friends YODEL to try to gauge when I could expect the delivery as Id rather not spend the WHOLE DAY waiting for one package.

Unfortunately to my lack of surprise the item would not be delivered on Saturday as agreed with the autobot earlier, because as explained by the woman on the line my package had been put on the van for delivery and for some unfathomable reason to which she nor I could figure out had been taken off the van again. Ok so now im miffed – I just want my item – !! –

So the young lady on the phone tells me she’ll speak to her manager and see if the item can be delivered on Saturday as agreed- She returns to tell me that yes it would be delivered on a best endeavours basis. I put down the phone grateful for her attempt but knowing full well there was absolutely no way i was getting my package and yes its 19:22 and I dont have it.

So i will call on Monday and start this merry go round again. I’m assuming they’ll once again attempt to deliver it on Monday and once again I will not be there to collect. Come on guys you don’t have a good reputation and this experience qualifies that. I GIVE UP!!

YODEL driver played ‘Knock Down Ginger’ on my door

April 15, 2019

‘Knock down ginger’ deliveries (they’re gone before I get to the door, package left on step – and I’m no slouch); stuff left outside when nobody is in with no card, which has resulted in at least one theft of my stuff.

These people are not fit to be delivering things to the public.

I will never use anyone who uses YODEL

April 15, 2019

Message sent to Max Products Amazon. I am writing to inform you that your courier driver has been unhelpful and swore at me on the telephone when I tried to re-arrange delivery. So I have contacted Yodel directly who assured me your product would be delivered today and left with a neighbour if need be.

I was at home as where my 2 immediate neighbours yet he failed to deliver again and left a sorry I missed you card (probably because I have made a complaint about him to Yodel). In short your courier delivery service is diabolical and it’s driver is rude and offensive on top of this I have had to call yodel twice from my mobile at a cost of 45p each connection and 7p per minute there after.

I can assure you that in future I will never purchase from any company who uses Yodel as their courier and I will share my experience via the internet including on social media.

I will use any company who doesn’t use YODEL in future

April 15, 2019

Paid Yodel for next day delivery not only did Yodel fail to deliver when I ‘talked live ‘with them they answered my query by explaining that they could not guarantee delivery times but were will to take my money
Will use anyone other delivery company in future

Argos uses YODEL so I won’t use Argos

April 15, 2019

I’ve waited in 3 times now for a parcel to be delivered. FIrst time the driver said they couldnt find the address – but theynever tired to ring me! We’re not hard to find on a main street.

Second and third times simply didnty turn up in the delivery slot. 7am-9pm. Last time I;m ordering anything from Argos waste of 3 days.

Even a very large item can be lost by YODEL

April 15, 2019

NO SIZE IS THE LIMIT FOR THE ITEM TO GO MISSING!!! I was sending quite large , expensive, commercial beauty treatment machine. It was bubble wrapped.

Somehow they managed to unwrap it, disassemble and deliver just the top part-electronic display. The main body of the machine , the size of the cupboard, has just disappeared.

Customer service have no option to attach the photographs to any quarries so there is no way of showing them what they are looking for. I was talking to their customer service twice.

Every time I was told that the message was passed but nothing resulted from it. If I wasn’t annoyed I would be impressed. Nothing is fool proof with Yodel!

YODEL used to deliver a Christmas present. Guess how that went?

April 15, 2019

My sender used Yodel to send a Christmas present. I waited in all day Saturday with no knock on the door all day. Checked my post and found a ‘Sorry I missed you’ card. I live in Halifax the depot my package is held at is 20miles away in Rochdale!

I tried to rearrange for another day but I work the times they deliver and my package requires a signature so they won’t leave it.

They would not let me rearrange to my work address. I am going to Manchester Saturday afternoon so was going to detour to pick it up. Checked the opening times.. and only open until 12 so I wont be able to get there in time.

Absolutely disgraceful they have ruined my Christmas!

Refusing to deliver a parcel

April 15, 2019

Yodel apparently attempted to deliver our parcel 3 times, each time we were in. When asked about this they said only one attempt was made. But refused to send it out again as they said they didn’t have a courier which could handle to item. The item was two towels… They then made us drive 20miles to their depot to find the parcel had been sent to their main depot for “re sorted”. shambles of a company

Very aggressive and rude YODEL courier doesn’t care

April 12, 2019

There is an driver coming here on a daily basis and this gentleman provides the worst service ever.

He’s not giving time to sign of the parcel, behaving in a very aggressive and rude way, talking to our staff in a such a bad manner and this is something that cannot be accept anymore.

This morning, few minutes ago he was here again and we tried to talk to him, but he just run away, screaming that he’s not bother and he doesn’t care.

I wish somebody to take an action on this one, otherwise we will spend time of preparing a proper complaint against this man.

Package makes it from Texas to Heathrow, before being lost by YODEL

April 12, 2019

Well I have the best Yodel story yet!

Ordered $388 worth of Christmas gifts for my daughter from a retailer in the USA. The order managed to make its way from Texas to Heathrow in just over a week, tracked perfectly and arrived safe and well in customs.

Here’s were is takes a down turn, the Custom Broker contracted by DHL processed the package through customs and contacted me for payment, I paid immediately very pleased with the fast, efficient service.

THEN they handed the package to YODEL, and it vanished from site….tracking ended at customs! Yodel denied ever collecting it from the broker even in the face of evidence showing a date, time, signature, even the drivers name and registration number!

Even in the face of this Yodel deny taking my package and refuse to acknowledge the clear proof of their collection!

They took the package and it vanished 10 days ago, the worst part of it is I can’t even get through to anyone on their phone line because as soon as I provide the tracking number I get an automated message stating Yodel do not have my package yet and then I’m promptly cut off! Awful awful bad bad terrible company they completely deny having my package even when faced with proof! Now I’m missing $388 worth of Christmas gifts and left with a devastated teenager!

Worst of all they will not even investigate the matter! Avoid at all cost, they are liars and provide diabolical service! They do not feel at all accountable for your lost goods!

Thank you YODHELL! It’s too late to re-ship items from the USA and it will take another 2-4 weeks to get a refund of £126.43 from customs and $388 from the retailer!

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