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Someone else’s parcel delivered to my address- can’t get hold of Yodel!!!!

February 11, 2019

What am I supposed to do.
Just came come to find a box of fresh flowers delivered to my address- addressed to someone else.
Can’t get hold of Yodel! Wasting valuable time trying just to let them know – stuck in queue
on phone & no email address available.
Can you help?


February 8, 2019

This company are a disgrace and could not organise themselves out of a one way street !

Paid for 24 hour service and still not delivered after 2 days late and this is not the first time they have done this.

I am failing my customers because they can’t honour the service you pay for and in turn out my company reputation at risk and they don’t care at all!

The time put in to chase these people is exhausting, my customer takes time off work to be at home to take Delivery and these people can’t even contact you to advise of delay or apologise.

Absolutely disgusting how they are allowed to get away with this !

Two days in a row YODEL gets near my house and doesn’t bother to deliver

February 6, 2019

Second day running today. Yesterday driver got near and then got message, Sorry couldn’t deliver today. Today I was next for delivery and message said Calling Card delivered, but that was a lie, as no card was left. I think the driver is messing about.
I also think it is very bad that when delivery is missed on first day, that one gets shoved to bottom of the pile for the next day’s delivery, and so likely to have this kind of experience.

Needless to say, I am most annoyed and have Tweeted them, for all the good that I feel it will do.

It is not at all satisfactory that one can only ring them up, or chat online. Chat is always too busy. A good company should provide a means of sending a message via the site, especially where there are complaints.

This is an appalling performance !

Driver and customer service rep both Thick and Rude

February 6, 2019

three times no delivery as driver is stupid and thick as pig shit. online chat person I spoke to NOSIBUSISO is thick rude and arrogant.
stay well clear. Don’t worry I will be taking matter further.

YODEL admits they haven’t delivered parcel

February 6, 2019

Lied about delivery: they told Amazon that the item was delivered Friday. It wasn’t. Their website told me it had been delivered and signed for. This was untrue and admitted by their customer service rep. Not the first time yodel have messed up 🙁

House of Fraser parcel missing

February 6, 2019

Have experienced Yodel HELL!! Have not received the parcel from HOF ( Which i will not use again whilst yodhell is delivering) and its has been signed for which in my eyes is fraud unless they have truly delivered to incorrect address which i very much doubt. Am awaiting a response for yodhell which apparently takes 24hrs to contact and interrogate/question driver.
I am waiting for them to say that drivers sat nav was checked and he was in correct location but i was in at the time of the supposed delivery so who knows what will happen ! #YODHELL

YODEL update: Lakeland Furniture

February 6, 2019

Lakeland Furniture now also uses Yodel, unfortunately.

YODEL lost my item and eBay refuse to refund

February 6, 2019

I ordered an Item from Yodel on 29th of October. They delivered it to the wrong address. Every time I call Yodel they either talk & tell me a load of lies OR they hang up the phone when I ask where my goods are… As far as they are concerned they have delivered it. But I don’t have my furniture item. They will not admit they lost it. The EBay seller has closed the case in their favour. I’m not impressed with that a tall…

So. I got no where with the EBay seller. I’m getting absolutely no where with Yodel. They REFUSE TO CO-OPERATE with me….

I have gone above them to Pay Pal. They are going to step in. Failing that I’ll take it to financial ombudsmen.

My item was a piece of expensive furniture which I never received & they told me a lady named Angie signed for it. Anyway who the F@$K is Angie???.

Oh… It doesnt look like I’m going to get my item back or a refund.

So a word to every one who’s buying Christmas presents online. Please
Check & make sure the delivery firm IS NOT Yodel. OR you will never receive your goods.

Yodel are a bunch of incompetent crooks . I’m out of pocket & lady named Angie has got my furniture…

The Sheer frustration of it all…. Don’t use Yodel. Be Warned..

Driver delivers a battered box and doesn’t care

February 6, 2019

They ‘delivered’ my parcel 2 days late and told the sender that it was in Llanelli, South Wales when the box clearly shows the depot to be ‘Nant Garw’. When my wife looked at the battered box and said to the driver “it’s damaged” he just shrugged his shoulders and walked off.

Parcel for someone else dumped on my doorstep

February 6, 2019

A parcel addressed to P Niven, 54, Martlesham Lodge, Woodbridge was left here yesterday . To our knowledge there is no such address. I will leave it on the doorstep as it was left here at Martlesham Lodge, IP124PQ. PLEASE COLLECT

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