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Brexit averted as Article 50 letter lost by YODEL

The UK was supposed to signal its desire to leave the European Union earlier today by delivering its Article 50 letter to European Council President Donald Tusk. British Prime Minister, Theresa May, penned the letter earlier this week and sent it recorded via delivery firm YODEL, who gave her a 24hr delivery window and ensured her it would arrive by 3pm this afternoon.

However, Mr Tusk insists the letter has not arrived, despite waiting in all day. Mr Tusk commented:

I’ve sat in here all day and I need to go out. Nobody has been. Now I’ve received an email from YODEL to say ‘Sorry we missed you’. Bollocks. They didn’t try to deliver it, the lying bastards.

I contacted them on Twitter and they said to complain to the sender!

A spokesman for YODEL was unable to comment, but the letter has since been found in a hedge on Tusker Street, in Rochdale.

It’s unclear now if this means the UK has not officially requested to leave the European Union, and if YODEL will attempt a redelivery tomorrow.

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Posted by admininstrator
March 29, 2017