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Called YODEL and they were having a party in the background

I used the next day delivery service to London and long-story-short four days later my parcel is tracked in the East Midlands. The driver attempted to deliver the package 5 days late but I wasn’t in. Didn’t leave a card I found out through the online tracking portal. The next day I stayed home to wait for the parcel and it didn’t come, apparently they “couldn’t access the property” so the driver didn’t even try to deliver it. I used the web chat service online to hopefully get some answers as to why they are incompetent at delivery packages but all the woman could do is schedule it for another delivery the next day. It is midday the next day and my parcel still hasn’t left their depot.

I gave in and rang them (even though they charge 7p or 1p per minute depending on which service number you call). I was greeted by an automated service who takes your tracking number and basically tells you the exact same thing as looking at your tracking number online and then it hangs up on you without asking if there is anything else you needed help with. I called back and demanded on speak with a representative which took a long time for the automated service to register. I then proceeded to hold for 8 minutes waiting for a human. I could barely hear what the representative was saying because they were celebrating someone’s birthday in the background. So unprofessional. Again, the representative could only tell me what doing it myself does. When I asked roughly when it would arrive she “does not have that information” and what happens next because they lost my parcel and it is late she said I would “have to call back and then we will call the depot”.

From what I have learned from this atrocious service is that their customer service should be directed to the depot or even the driver handling your package because everyone else is absolutely useless. It has now been 8 days since my parcel was supposed to be delivered, the customer service centre is impossible and I will never use this service again. I’d say they are the worst in the business but they aren’t in the courier business; they operate on taking money and maybe you’ll receive your parcel because they can’t promise that you will. An absolute sh*t show.

Posted by Dom
April 12, 2019