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Took the day off for delivery that never came

May 10, 2019

I had a lot of issues with Yodel. They are super useless.

Bunch of liars. Paid for a next day delivery. Took the day off from work to wait for the delivery yesterday and not 1 driver came to deliver called them around 6pm and the girl said, the parcel is held in the depot becuase she doesnt know why. she said it will be out for delivery next day which is today saturday and will be delivered in the morning plus she will call me to inform me about the delivery what time it will be with me. After i never heard back from this Girl her name is ( Anita ).

so i tried to call on Saturday today at 9:00am couldn’t get through to them i opened the chat on there site and spoke to someone else name: ( Uzair ) he said yes the delivery will be with you today but we don’t know what time. i waited till 12pm today and tryied to call again waited almost 1 and half hour on the phone and no one picked up the phone. Went back to the chat and spoke to someone else ( Alexander) He said there wont be any delivery today there for i will have to rearrange the delivery for another day. The people who work for Yodel dont know what they doing or talking about. every person says something different lol.

I got pissed off and told him that if the parcel didnt get delivered today return it back to the sender . he went directly and applied the RTS without even trying to make any enquires to see if he can make the delivery today thats how shit this customer service is. at the same time i was waiting over the phone until i got to talk to someone else his name is ( Mzi) he said something completely different then the other 3 i talked to. So much bullshit these customers services tell there customers.

Am going to file a big complaint to this shit company they should not be in business when they treating there customers like this.

Wasted my hole day at home and took the day off from work just for the delivery and never got delivered and wasted money on next day delivery.

Such a company should be closed down for there shit service.

Sat at my desk in work when apparently I ‘signed for parcel at home’

May 10, 2019

Had a delivery from Yodel that I was tracking using their antiquated tracking system. I was sat at my desk in the office when I apparently signed for the delivery at my home address!

I have a friend who works for them and they checked on their system…

The delivery guy had SIGNED MY NAME on the hand held terminal and left it at the back door.

It rained that afternoon and the cardboard was all but destroyed when I got home. Luckily the product I’d ordered wasn’t affected by the wet so it was ok but the packaging was totally destroyed.

NEVER allow them to deliver anything to you

My blog about YODEL and their lies

May 10, 2019

Wow. I had no idea so many other people were pi**ed off with Yodel. I think they’re simply impossible to get an answer from. Inspired me to put this online.

Virgin delivery never showed up – YODEL said ‘sorry they missed me’

May 10, 2019

2 days of my life (a whole weekend) sat in waiting for promised parcel from Virgin. Not only did it not turn up they lied at 6.10pm and said they missed me and left a card, did they bollocks.

Complained to Virgin promised an am delivery on the Sunday, surprise surprise they didn’t turn up, but status said ‘out for delivery’.

Appalling wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy. Still not got delivery!!!


May 10, 2019

Driver delivered to address that doesn’t exist and someone has apparently signed for it. 6 days later still waiting to hear results of a driver interview. I am in no doubt that driver has stolen the item, yet yodel offer 20% of it’s value as cover.

The trail for responsibility is clear yet nothing is really done to get to the bottom of this – i’d have been better setting fire to 250 quid – at least it wouldn’t have cost me 2 days working time and a ton of stress.
I had a no-yodel policy after problems years ago (after i trusted a pickup diver to put 3 address labels correctly on three clearly addressed parcels – something a 5 year old could manage, but he couldn’t).

But my shipping agent used them without telling me.

I’ll never let this happen again – i will persue this via the police if i can, YODEL let their drivers steal things without any sanction whatsoever.

YODEL say calling card left, but no calling card left

May 10, 2019

Very useless company!!! I purchased an item 3 weeks ago, got tracking number, took 1 day off work an waited for the courier.

Nobody came, I asked for next day off work, and when nobody arrived I checked the tracking number, found “sorry we missed you, we’ve left a calling card”, 3 days and no calling card left!!! I chose option to pick up my parcel from the Lichfield depot.

Next day afternoon they had not my parcel there but promised me to keep it. 3 days later I tracked the number and read “parcel has been delivered”. I worked away, my neighbours too, everyone returns home between 6-8 pm.

But Yodel system says parcel was delivered at 13.59. I spoke to the sender, got fake signature, not mine, the sender refuses to refund or resend the item. 3 weeks lost, money, fuel 3 times to Lichfield depot.

Ebay closed the case

YODEL reports unable to deliver my Amazon parcel

May 8, 2019

I have the misfortune to be waiting for an Amazon delivery by Yodel. Twice now they have reported unable to deliver.

The delivery is to a Marina office open and manned 24 hrs a day 7 days a week!

I rang to complain and all I could get was a computerised system. Words fail me!

YODEL driver in Peterborough is a liar

May 8, 2019

I have had it up to the neck with Yodel!

The driver left me only 1 card! For 3 deliveries! He’s a born liar to say he’s left cards!! And it would’ve been 9 times he called if it’s 3 times each delivery! Then says he posted in my letterbox 1 delivery!!

It’s a soap dispenser! So he must be a magician!! I’ve called them as my eBay sellers won’t help as their tracking says the courier has done his job!!??

Then when I called yodel their in South Africa! The Peterborough office has a liar for a delivery driver! I will really bollock him when I see him as I’ve had enough!!!

YODEL driver annoyed I was annoyed

May 8, 2019

Disturned at 9pm with a package I was not informed was being delivered. No text. No e mail., No call – NOTHING – and damned annoying.

Then the guy was an a-hole when I complained about being disturbed at that time of night. DREADFUL SERVICE.

My word means nothing to YODEL – no parcel delivered, but their system says it has

May 8, 2019

Nothing but trouble, not delivered, but both paypal and ebay state that Yodels tracking system states it was delivered.

My word means nothing, Yodel’s tracking is obviously perfect and I am either a crook or an idiot.

If I purchase anything on line I ask the seller if they use Yodel, if they do I refuse to do business.

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