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Collection is not guaranteed – say YODEL

I orderd a collection on 6 Sept, stayed at home for whole day, nothing happened, phoned them next morning, they promised to collect but nothing happened. In the evening I phoned again and spoke to a manager Lucinda who promised to refund and to cancell my order, but didn’t. On 8 Sept I recieved a text message saying that they would collect today.(again). Managed to get another promise of refund through a live chat, no compensation. Also, they said that they don’t guarantee anything. Will never use them again.

ME: The manager said that she cancelled my order for a refund. Are you saying that she lied?
09:18:37 AM [Emily] It appears she misinformed you – she can’t cancel a YodelDirect order and hasn’t done.

09:21:47 AM [Emily] Collection is not guaranteed I’m afraid.

Posted by Alisa
April 12, 2019