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Creepy YODEL driver had me worried for my safety until I moved house

I used to live in a small village in rural Wales, so I did most of my shopping online. I also studied via the Open University and received my course materials by post, through Yodel. The Yodel driver who served the village was EXTREMELY over familiar to the point where I was uncomfortable and scared. He would force himself in the doorway, leer at me and try to touch my tattoos. He was verbally inappropriate as well as physically imposing.

As a young woman, who at that time had quite debilitating health issues, I felt very unsafe. So much so that I stopped having parcels delivered to me, and instead opted to have them sent to my Grandfather’s address nearby.

However, this didn’t work because the creepy driver recognised me by name and knew where I lived (which is a huge concern as 3 parcels in, he could see my name and just automatically know where my house was located). He persisted in bringing them to my house and displaying the same creepy behaviour systematically. He demanded to know why I was having my parcels delivered elsewhere, made comments about me avoiding him. I made the excuse that I work nights and wanted to spend the day sleeping undisturbed (which was a lie, I was off work because I could only walk short distances at the time without the aid of a wheelchair but felt unsafe in allowing him to know how physically vulnerable I was).

I felt unsafe in my own home, as, obviously, this delivery man knew me by name and could locate me. I raised the issue with Yodel who asked me to make a formal complaint, which I informed them I felt unsafe doing because of the drivers behaviour and the fact unless they had protective measures in place, could just turn up on my doorstep if he was disciplined and that I was physically vulnerable. I told them I would formally complain if they could provide me with anonymity for safety reasons.

They replied on Twitter with a smiley face and a dismissal along the lines of ‘never mind then’. I stopped ordering things online as a result, unless 100% sure that Yodel were not used by the company. Which, is restricting considering so many companies persist in using Yodel.

Thankfully, I eventually moved house. My mother, who still lives at the property however, ordered something and that same Yodel driver delivered it. He hadn’t known that anyone else but me lived there and was questioning my mother about where I’d gone.

I would like to ‘thank’ Yodel, as I had to move house to be safe from a creepy, stalker of a driver that they continue to employ and send out to goodness knows how many young girls/women.

Despite not making a formal complaint, I had already made them aware of details that could easily identify the driver in question.


Posted by Joanne
January 13, 2016