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Day wasted waiting for YODEL for my Asda delivery

Yodel are liars.

An entire day wasted waiting for a parcel from George/Asda- watched the tracker count down from 63 deliveries before mine (an obviously unrealistic target!) to 17 with a delivery window 12-9pm…. Then it said they tried to deliver at 5:30 . Well I was in, as were my parents, and no one came. I assume the driver had enough and just clocked off at about 6 instead of worknh til 9. The online ‘service’ chat was of course closed by then – nice to see the customer service (haha) doesn’t cover the whole shift worked by the drivers.

They are of course not open tomorrow. I’ll be at work monday so it looks like im in for some fun… Wish Asda would change to a firm not run by incompetents

Posted by J S
April 12, 2019