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Diamond ring ‘vanishes’ when it gets to YODEL in Stoke

Whilst on intensive care my Father thought he was dying, he decided to buy me a diamond ring. He and I chose a ring together (an expensive purchase for us) and purchased it from an American Jeweller through Ebay. The ring was sent and successfully made its journey to the UK until it was handed to Yodel (Stoke dispatch. Ref: JD0002218050562458).

When I didn’t receive the ring I contacted the delivery company ciptipost and was informed that the ring had been passed to YODEL. This was the last anyone saw of the ring.

I received a refund from eBay; after a period of distress at not knowing what was happening, but what upsets me is the ring was unique and not-replaceable. I received no correspondence from YODEL and had to do the ‘chasing’ myself.

I confounds me that an expensive piece of jewellery can simply disappear. An explanation would be welcome!

Posted by Faye Foster
May 3, 2019