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Disgusted with YODEL – here is my complaint

Good Evening,

I would like to communicate with you at how dissatisfied I am with your customer services and delivery procedure at yodel.

I have currently been waiting 6 days for a delivery of my parcel. Below you will find a itinerary of how I have been waiting for your delivery driver to arrive. As you may see I am extremely frustrated with the differences of answers from your customer service team. Every time I have called them I have been given different reasons, a lack of understanding from your agents and have been blagged off by the most ridiculous excuses. I have tried to call the driver several times on the advertised number of contact to the driver on the tracking page. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday I have been waiting at home all day for the delivery only to find on friday a card in my letter box. The driver did not ring the door bell and just placed it in there. Not only that I could not even call him on his number as it was switched off. The driver apparently on Saturday had also attempted though once again I was home he did not ring the bell and once again his phone was off all day, I had even called the service centre on Saturday and given the information for accessing our property so that the parcel could be delivered and had it sent to the drivers PDA.Why did he not leave it as I requested? I also waited home all day on Sunday as it said out for delivery on the tracking page! Now on Monday I have once again been waiting all day and the time now is 17:30 and still no parcel…. What is wrong with your services???

I have been looking for somewhere to complain and have been told on several occasions that i have to complain to the company who sent the parcel. Now today on the 5 or 6 time that I have requested an update on the package that I have been given an email address that I am now contacting. Why do your agents all have there own procedures?? Do you not train your staff all to be telling the same story? I was even denied my own tracking number by your customer services team as this would be against the data protection act… Then again today I was asked if I would like this information. I had to contact the carrier 13ten to receive the parcel number just so that I can track online as with just a postcode it does not work.

Maybe you can understand my frustrations with your service. I believe there is more chance that I would have received my package by now if it had been send by carrier pigeon or Fred Flintstone. This is no 21 century service that you offer and looking at the likes of Interlink Express, UPS, Royal Mail or DHL have a far superior service. I really can understand why yodel has been voted the worst carrier 2 years running and has 5000 complaints alone on the amazon forums. Even the reddit forums have nothing positive to say with all people having the problems as myself…..

below you will find my agenda for the last week and also a copied mail that I have sent to eBay, 13 ten and the supplier of what i have bought.

Yodel has been an absolute night mare.

October 19 Yodel picked up package from 13 ten

october 20 yodel told me via chat that it would be delivered and with by thursday 22 october.

october 22 after no parcel arrived yodel told me they did not have it

october 23 package found again and out for delivery, attempted delivery i was home no door bell rang calling card left. Despite accurate instructions on what to do when nobody is home. I was though home and the door bell did not ring around the time that the driver was there!!

october 24 package out for delivery, i tried several times to call the delivery driver though his phone was off. The driver said he tried to deliver the package at 18:11 though this only updated into the system after 21:00 online its states second delivery attempted calling card left though there is no calling card left for the second delivery attempt… I called the callcenter during the day and explained what the problem was. The agent left all accurate instructions for delivery and posted that to the PDA of the driver as I would only be home until 18:30 and having to go to a birthday party. Yes this parcel was a present for the person of whoms birthday it was. great I had to go with out it…

I am extremely disatidfied for the false proises, the lies of the team, no help advisor has the same information. This really seems like a prehistoric information and I really do feel as if I would have abetter chance of recieveing my package from fred flitstone. I can assure that I will never use yodel again and will be telling everybody I know how bad yodel is… Not to say the least all of the people I know have had problems with yodels delivery service.

Sunday 25 october it say the package is out for delivery on a sunday?? The drivers mobile is on but no answer…. Ridiculous. I am fuming!

Monday 26 I am waiting still for the parcel to arrive no doubt I will have the same problems and have to pick it up from the service centre as the drivers really do not care for the service that is being made.

I would once more like to express my total dissatisfaction at the pathetic service that you are trying to offer at yodel. You are a disgrace to any supplier and your customer service skills are absolutely non existent. I can assure I will never be using this yodel service again, ind fact I will change that slightly I had never wanted to use yodel again as all experiences have been negative and my only reaction when I found out that my parcel was being delivered was WHYYYYYY!

I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards

WIlliam Hemming.

Posted by william hemming
October 28, 2015