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Driver delivered to address that doesn’t exist and someone has apparently signed for it. 6 days later still waiting to hear results of a driver interview. I am in no doubt that driver has stolen the item, yet yodel offer 20% of it’s value as cover.

The trail for responsibility is clear yet nothing is really done to get to the bottom of this – i’d have been better setting fire to 250 quid – at least it wouldn’t have cost me 2 days working time and a ton of stress.
I had a no-yodel policy after problems years ago (after i trusted a pickup diver to put 3 address labels correctly on three clearly addressed parcels – something a 5 year old could manage, but he couldn’t).

But my shipping agent used them without telling me.

I’ll never let this happen again – i will persue this via the police if i can, YODEL let their drivers steal things without any sanction whatsoever.

Posted by pauljones
May 10, 2019