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How do you actually get YODEL to deliver?

My heart sank when i got the message that YODEL would be delivering my order – I knew getting my package was going to be a mission now.. So I received the standard note through the door advising that I missed the delivery. Yes you missed me because like nearly everyone out there I’m not in at 2.30pm because guess what I WORK!! Soooooooooooooooo I called the automated system to arrange re delivery – Seemed easy enough. My item would be delivered next day – Saturday. Great !!

Well not great actually. Around 12pm Saturday I called our good friends YODEL to try to gauge when I could expect the delivery as Id rather not spend the WHOLE DAY waiting for one package.

Unfortunately to my lack of surprise the item would not be delivered on Saturday as agreed with the autobot earlier, because as explained by the woman on the line my package had been put on the van for delivery and for some unfathomable reason to which she nor I could figure out had been taken off the van again. Ok so now im miffed – I just want my item – !! –

So the young lady on the phone tells me she’ll speak to her manager and see if the item can be delivered on Saturday as agreed- She returns to tell me that yes it would be delivered on a best endeavours basis. I put down the phone grateful for her attempt but knowing full well there was absolutely no way i was getting my package and yes its 19:22 and I dont have it.

So i will call on Monday and start this merry go round again. I’m assuming they’ll once again attempt to deliver it on Monday and once again I will not be there to collect. Come on guys you don’t have a good reputation and this experience qualifies that. I GIVE UP!!

Posted by Alicia Downie
April 15, 2019