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I used to use YODEL as a seller, but not anymore

Most of you complaining are shoppers, you might want to hear from a sender. I trade on-online, at the peak I was sending about 50-60 parcels per day, the rate I paid was so cheap but that come with problems. Many parcels were “delivered” and signed by “someone” near the delivery address (Yodel tracks the sign location using GPS).

Everytime this happened I had to ask for customer a signature to prove to Yodel customer did not sign for it. The frist fews cliams were easy but after a while they start asking more and more documents, which become a full time job itself, I had to handle the paper work and emails all the time for each “missing/delivered” parcel.

Eventually they stop replying my emails all together. Now I use ParcelForce and DPD delivery cost increase by about 40% but it is well worthy.

Posted by Roger
December 12, 2013