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I will avoid any retailer that uses YODEL, and this is why…

Ordered from ebuyer on Friday and paid extra for Saturday delivery. No problems there as ebuyer had despatched by 4pm.

On the day of delivery my package was still out for delivery with 35 deliveries before mine at 1pm. Come 3pm and still no delivery so I check again…

Sorry we missed you?!? And they’d left a card… somewhere, because I couldn’t find it. Apparently they’d attempted delivery at 1:30pm so that means they made 35 deliveries in 30 minutes… seems unlikely.

Contacted WebChat only to be told that they’d try again on Monday… when I’d be out all day at work. Apparently I could change the delivery address to my workplace but I can’t find anywhere to do this on the website. I can’t select next Saturday for redelivery either. My options are to chance delivery during the week in the hope they turn up after 5pm or drive more than one hour away to the depot in Reading to collect it.

Why does Yodel even exist as a business if they can’t do what their customers pay them to do? It’s really not difficult – DPD, AmazonLogistics, UPS, FedEx, etc all manage just fine. I paid £12 for Saturday delivery, £12 bloody quid!

Suffice to say it’s just easier to avoid every retailer that uses Yodel as a courier and hopefully they’ll go out of business sooner or later.

Posted by Michael
April 12, 2019