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I worked for YODEL and I was scammed by them

I worked for Yodel for a very short time I realised very quickly they are scamming bunch of …….. I was being paid or so I thought 95p per parcel you are not paid for attempts just per delivery so if it takes you 3 attempts its still 95p all well and good you may be think ….yeah I did as well to start with then they make you wait 4 weeks before payment ….your slowly spending what savings you have left to keep going while you wait to be paid ….all the while working on avg 7 hours a day trying to deliver these parcels ….at the same time Breaking your car and running up high fuel bills …..

to cut to the chase after 11 days of this my car now rattling and clunking after the huge weight loads and stress I just put it through for these clowns it died 🙁 ….so Pay day finally arrives maybe I can fix my car at least I think ……what’s this only paid £190!!! I delivered 323 parcels over ll days 7 hours a day even in the lowest paid job out there i would have took home more I worked it out they should have paid me £306.85 now I cant get hold of anyone they won’t respond to emails I got a missus and 3 kids we have nothing to show for this apart from an empty bank account a broken car and a Company that is blatantly setup to not pay a fair wage and exploit people and you wonder why your parcels end up not being delivered its cos the poor person they coned has just got wise…..


Posted by Phil
October 30, 2015