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Laptop was thrown into garden in the pouring rain

Because of this joke of a company we have to have a mattress on our balcony and netting covering the back of our garden, because these useless twats don’t seem to know what a fucking doorbell is, that’s if they ever turn up at all!

We have three local delivery drives in our area, two twatty blokes who would rather try and score a night in bed with every girl they see than do their fucking jobs and a really, REALLY nice Polish lady who I feel so sorry for. All of this complaint excludes her because I have never had an issue with her and she is so nice and helpful.

The twats however, like to simply throw our packages everywhere. At one point we were having a brand new laptop delivered to us (I had been saving up for two years for it. ALSO this was BEFORE we put the “Yodel Defences” up). The day it was supposed to arrive it was pouring down with rain and the tracking said it had been delivered. I’m panicking because nobody has even touched our gate (our dog would’ve alerted us if someone had even come near it) and getting through to a human at Yodel is like trying to teach a goldfish how to rock climb!

In the end we found the remains at the end of the garden. The packaging had been torn to shreds, the charger was on the floor next to it and the laptop itself was out of all of it packaging, wide open, screen smashed from landing on the concrete. In the complete, torrential downpour.

8 months or so later (after I got a replacement from the company along with half my fucking money back and delivered via ParcelForce) I ordered a replacement battery for said laptop and the Yodel twatbags decided to just lob it at our kitchen window instead of knocking at the fucking door! I am disabled and cannot get down stairs easily, so I could do nothing but shout at the prick on the balcony as he ran back to his van screaming obscenities at me. We have CCTV and it caught EVERYTHING, so we sent it to Yodel and were told they would “talk to the driver”.

Obviously they didn’t do jack shit because he still delivers here TO THIS DAY, except now he doesn’t delivery our packages at all, he just signs for them himself and keeps them!

Absolute fucking joke of a company!

Posted by Sam
April 12, 2019