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My Feedback to YODEL

Feedback questionnaire: “What could we do to improve in the future?”

– First you could deliver the item when you say you will. I was counting down the parcels only to be greeted with “We were unable to locate your property”. I know for a fact this is not true because the same drivers deliver to our address multiple times per week, plus it’s not even hard to find.

– Then I contacted online chat and was told that the driver went to the wrong location and “attempted delivery” (I’m not sure how that workd) and that the delivery would be made again tomorrow. This is not acceptable at all – at least some kind of effort should be made immediately to contact the driver and help them find the right place. The advisor apologised and “understood where I was coming from” but did nothing. I was told that delivery would be made the next day and that my online tracking status would update accordingly. I also updated the parcel with a contact phone number (which I’m sure there already is one) and told the advisor to make sure that I was contacted if there was any further issue with the delivery.

– The next day my status was exactly the same. The Yodel driver arrived but appeared to have nothing for me so I asked him about my parcel. He remembered by surname and told me that he had left it at the depot because he knew that there were multiple companies (5) in our building and that he left it at the depot. This is absolutely shocking – surely a driver did not go through the packages and decide he didn’t want to attempt a delivery?

– I contacted online chat for a second time and they told me that my parcel was “on hold” due to an “address problem” as it was missing a company name. Why was this not pointed out the first time I got in contact? I told them to add a company name and make sure the delivery was sent out in the afternoon. I was told (having been apologised to and told they understood where I was coming from) that they would add an escalation to the delivery and request it to be sent out the same day in the afternoon.

– No prizes for what happened next. Well, nothing.. no delivery was made as I expected. I contacted the online chat for a 3rd time and the advisor decided they didn’t want to deal with this issue and hung up the chat. I got straight back on and this time they checked the file and told me that there was an escalation but there were no feedback items on it yet.. how useful! I then tried to confirm the company name and (after various communication issues) the advisor only had the building name which means the previous advisor didn’t even add the company name.. I was told the same as on day 1 that my status will update next morning and delivery would be made then.

– Next morning (day 3) I got straight on the chat when I arrived at work first thing as my status still remained as “unable to locate property” from day 1. I was told that my parcel was still on hold at the depot and that the driver had already left so I would need to reschedule it for the next day. I continued to point out the ongoing issues I had been having and that I needed the item to be delivered today and the advisor said they would escalate the parcel to high priority and request it be sent out that day and also request a response from the depot manager on why there have been so many issues. Obviously I pointed out that this was totally unacceptable as I knew from the day before that the escalation and request would have no effect whatsoever. I asked them to contact the depot to make sure that this was going to happen but was told that they had no way of contacting the depot using their internal systems. I even sent a phone number but was told that there was no external line to make a call. Obviously this is unbelievable.

– Next I contacted Twitter and received a tweet response telling my to direct message them my details and they would look into it. Guess what – despite being told repeatedly by every single complaining person on Twitter that you have to follow us in order for us to DM you (or just change your settings to allow it..) I was not followed until I pointed out the same thing to them. Eventually was followed and send my details across. The response was basically the same as the chat that my parcel was being held at the depot due to an address query.

– After telling him that I had fixed this problem on day 1 and confirmed the delivery address again and explained that I had been told on multiple occasions over a period of days that this had been fixed and that my delivery was happening all I received was the dreaded “thanks for the information I have added the information you provided and arranged for the next available delivery” – this is incredible. There is no sense of urgency, nobody actually reads what you write, the scripted responses are shocking.

– By the time anybody responds it was getting late and I was worried that delivery would be made on day 4 (Saturday) to my work address so I chased again saying I would need to change the delivery address if it was going to happen on Saturday. Eventually I received a response saying that the parcel was STILL (WHAT!?!?!?) on hold at the service station and that could I confirm the new delivery address to confirm delivery for Saturday.

– I send the home address immediately and asked for confirmation that this had been arranged as I was worried that it would be delivered to the wrong address otherwise….. no response…. no response all night. Thanks Thato.. Saturday morning arrives and the wonderful Meagen responds saying “Thank you for your information, I have rescheduled your delivery for Monday” – I literally couldn’t believe it. The most incompetent, unfit business I’ve ever seen in my life.

– So now I have a delivery going to my home on Monday (day 6) when I will be at work. At this point I gave up, someone looked out for the delivery and it happened on Monday.

I don’t know what to say – the question is “What could we do to improve in the future?” – my recommendation would be to shut the company down before the authorities do. It surely can’t be long.

Posted by Chris
April 12, 2019