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Took the day off for delivery that never came

I had a lot of issues with Yodel. They are super useless.

Bunch of liars. Paid for a next day delivery. Took the day off from work to wait for the delivery yesterday and not 1 driver came to deliver called them around 6pm and the girl said, the parcel is held in the depot becuase she doesnt know why. she said it will be out for delivery next day which is today saturday and will be delivered in the morning plus she will call me to inform me about the delivery what time it will be with me. After i never heard back from this Girl her name is ( Anita ).

so i tried to call on Saturday today at 9:00am couldn’t get through to them i opened the chat on there site and spoke to someone else name: ( Uzair ) he said yes the delivery will be with you today but we don’t know what time. i waited till 12pm today and tryied to call again waited almost 1 and half hour on the phone and no one picked up the phone. Went back to the chat and spoke to someone else ( Alexander) He said there wont be any delivery today there for i will have to rearrange the delivery for another day. The people who work for Yodel dont know what they doing or talking about. every person says something different lol.

I got pissed off and told him that if the parcel didnt get delivered today return it back to the sender . he went directly and applied the RTS without even trying to make any enquires to see if he can make the delivery today thats how shit this customer service is. at the same time i was waiting over the phone until i got to talk to someone else his name is ( Mzi) he said something completely different then the other 3 i talked to. So much bullshit these customers services tell there customers.

Am going to file a big complaint to this shit company they should not be in business when they treating there customers like this.

Wasted my hole day at home and took the day off from work just for the delivery and never got delivered and wasted money on next day delivery.

Such a company should be closed down for there shit service.

Posted by Wafic
May 10, 2019