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Two days for parcel to arrive from China, 11 days to leave YODEL depot

It took 2 days for a phone to arrive in UK from China. It then took YODEL 11 days for it to leave their depot.

I contacted them daily and they said it would be out for delivery that day. The web chat people seem to have no power and cannot see more that I can see via “Tracking”. Eventually I spoke to someone in India and played “Chinese whispers”.

I asked him a question. He rang the depot and the depot rang the driver. The driver hung up and the depot hung up and the chap in India told me the answer.

“Where is my parcel?” – took 8 minute to get an answer. Next question: “Why won’t you deliver?” meant another 8 minutes on hold. Terrible Terrible service. AVOID YODEL???

Posted by John
April 12, 2019