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Two days in a row YODEL gets near my house and doesn’t bother to deliver

Second day running today. Yesterday driver got near and then got message, Sorry couldn’t deliver today. Today I was next for delivery and message said Calling Card delivered, but that was a lie, as no card was left. I think the driver is messing about.
I also think it is very bad that when delivery is missed on first day, that one gets shoved to bottom of the pile for the next day’s delivery, and so likely to have this kind of experience.

Needless to say, I am most annoyed and have Tweeted them, for all the good that I feel it will do.

It is not at all satisfactory that one can only ring them up, or chat online. Chat is always too busy. A good company should provide a means of sending a message via the site, especially where there are complaints.

This is an appalling performance !

Posted by Alan Munday
February 6, 2019