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Why does Virgin Media use YODEL? Utterly Useless!!!

I paid £7 for my new contract bundle by Virgin Media to be delivered the day after at 12pm. There was a Yodel delivery van around the corner from my house, but I didn’t get a delivery. I tried contacting Yodel, web service was offline (open til 10pm) then I couldn’t get through to anyone on the phone after trying 3 times. I then phoned a different number, my local service and got diverted to the main number I previously phoned, still nothing. I went on to the website and it said that I had rescheduled my delivery and they will see me soon, I did not reschedule anything. The customer service on twitter haven’t replied either. Now I need to contact virgin media to get the delivery fee waived. Absolute horrible service.

Posted by Liam Rowell
February 25, 2019