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Wine from Morrisons went missing via YODEL and has never turned up

Yodel were the courier used by Morrisons Cellar to deliver to me a case of wine, after using Yodels tracking service I was amazed to find that according to Yodel my wine had been delivered the previous day. I phoned Yodel tell them this was not so but they simply referred me to Morrisons yet 2 days later the actual delivery driver called me and insisted he had left the goods with one of my next door neighbours and had left a card through my door, I had already checked with my neighbours of 20 plus years and so knew this to be untrue and there had been no card placed through my letterbox. Morrisons spent 2 weeks ” investigating ” with Yodel who claimed the same, then that it had been left with someone 12 doors from my house and lastly that they had re delivered the goods which of course they had not.

At this point when I grew exasperated with the incompetence of Yodel and threatened to escalate the issue within Morrisons I was offered a re order but refused on the grounds that I would never knowingly order anything that involved a delivery from Yodel, I was then offered a full refund, I took the opportunity to advise Morrisons that they should find a more proficient courier to deliver their produce or they were likely to lose customers like they have lost me!

Posted by Neil Scarff
December 11, 2013