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YODEL apologised for ‘how I felt’ not because they’re shite

Aldi unfortunately chose yodel to deliver a parcel to me and I have never had a worse experience with a delivery company ever. Card shoved through mailbox saying unable to deliver, despite being in the home all day so they clearly didn’t ring the doorbell or try at all.

Used website to arrange redelivery – this time never arrived at all. And please dont even bother with the number on heir website – its automated and once you give it the tracking number it will tell you there is no further information at this time and hang up on you.

Tried the only route through to customer service i.e the webchat, waited 30mins for an advisor who was condescending and unhelpful, apologising for “how i felt” rather than that the company is a massive pile of **** and unable to tell me anything about what had happened to my delivery. Refused to give me their full name as well.

Finished by telling them to send it back to aldi for a refund.

Posted by Sam
May 3, 2019