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YODEL claim they tried to deliver SIX times… try NONE

Once again This piss poor excuse of a delivery service called Yodel has managed to piss me off by claiming they tried to deliver my package 6 times (we have a nanny in the house 12 hours a day) and each time according to Yodel customer service was no where near my house, GPS tracker shows, and after confirming through 3 calls to customer service that it will be available to be picked up at the local depot, that info was not sent to the local depot.

So long story short my package is on its way back to the seller according to the Yodel local depot and Sorry just does not cut it, this has been the third package in two months that Yodel has failed to deliver, so I will endeavour to post info about this Shitty company on every part of the Web till the day I Die, No issues with DPD OR DHL mind you.

Posted by Kema
April 12, 2019