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YODEL driver has threatened and stalked me

I’m experiencing a right Yodel hell too. A Yodel driver has attacked me three times (the same person, not three different drivers), threatened me, and is now stalking and harassing me. This has been going on for several months.

It seems he even gets his work colleagues to stalk me on his behalf as there are suddenly no end Yodel vans up and down my road – we never used to have them around here as not many people in my town deal with Yodel (they know how bad Yodel is).

I am unable to report this to police as he has threatened to make false allegations against me if I were to “give him problems” and I have no doubt he would do this if I were to report him. I am a vulnerable female, alone and terrified, and live in constant fear now.

Posted by Sara
March 5, 2019