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YODEL gave tracking number that didn’t work

Package meant to be delivered between 8am and 6pm. Waited in but had no tracking number to check where the package was, no text or email about when the package would arrive.

Had to go out due to family emergency. Came back to an orange card with a tracking number that didn’t actually work on the site.

When I managed to get in touch with Yodel, they claimed that the sender had left my name and address blank on their system and they couldn’t discuss it with me due to data protection laws!

So I contacted the sender, who then got in touch with Yodel about this, only for Yodel to give them the same tripe that the name and address were blank, never mind that it wouldn’t have been possible for the courier to find me in the first place if it were blank.

I then found out that the tracking number on the card Yodel had left me was WRONG and that the actual tracking number for my package was completely different!

The sender attempted to get some information about whether I could arrange to pick up the package from somewhere but was continually fobbed off. We eventually gave up and the sender advised me to keep putting the (correct) tracking number into the system so I could arrange for collection.

In the end, the package was re-delivered the next working day by a courier who at least had the courtesy to give me his mobile number and respond to my texts.

Posted by Laura
May 8, 2019