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YODEL keep delivering my parcels to the wrong address

I tracked my parcel (from Virgin Media) and was surprised to see it marked as delivered. I phoned Yodel to tell them I had not received it, they replied that it was left with someone call “John”, no surname, in No 1, I live in 13, so not even close. On enquiring at No 1 I discovered there was no John & no parcel. getting back to Yodel I gave my contact details and was promised I would receive a call from the Investigation dept within 24 hours.
When that call never materialised i called back to be told that my package had been delivered successfully to John at No 1 two days ago, and no record of my having called to report it missing.

Virgin Media have sent another which I am now waiting for, the only problem is, it is being sent by Yodel, must go and tell John at No 1.

Posted by Terry
May 1, 2014