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YODEL lied about trying to deliver

Yodel use couriers that state they have attempted delivery when they haven’t since i was outside my property for the time that they say the ‘left a card’ (which also has not happened). Rescheduled delivery via MyYodel, which was confirmed by email didn’t even take place.

Phone calls to Yodel produce empty guarantees because nobody ‘gets back to you with an update’. All in all i have still not received my item even though i’ve been at home on the two occasions the courier has stated i wasn’t in. I’ve wasted 3 days in total waiting at home and £15 in phone calls to Yodel which would’ve better spent getting a taxi to the non-contactable Preston Service Centre.

But even then i would assume, based on this appalling service and experience, that my item would not be found in the service centre. I’m angry and want some sort of compensation for the useless phone calls and days i’ve wasted off work waiting for this courier who’s lied about trying to deliver!

Posted by Anita
November 3, 2014