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YODEL say calling card left, but no calling card left

Very useless company!!! I purchased an item 3 weeks ago, got tracking number, took 1 day off work an waited for the courier.

Nobody came, I asked for next day off work, and when nobody arrived I checked the tracking number, found “sorry we missed you, we’ve left a calling card”, 3 days and no calling card left!!! I chose option to pick up my parcel from the Lichfield depot.

Next day afternoon they had not my parcel there but promised me to keep it. 3 days later I tracked the number and read “parcel has been delivered”. I worked away, my neighbours too, everyone returns home between 6-8 pm.

But Yodel system says parcel was delivered at 13.59. I spoke to the sender, got fake signature, not mine, the sender refuses to refund or resend the item. 3 weeks lost, money, fuel 3 times to Lichfield depot.

Ebay closed the case

Posted by Konrad
May 10, 2019