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YODEL tried to return parcel to Ace and lost it

Yodel collected a dressing table and stool from me to return it to Ace. It was still in its original packaging, unopened, and I’d paid £150 for it. We’d simply decided to make the bedroom and office instead so didn’t need the dressing table. Yodel collected on 25th May, and its been at their depot in 28th May ever since.

They don’t know where it’s gone!!! Its a massive box with a dressing table and stool, so its heavy too, so how could it have just disappeared! I have my courier card with reference number on it, and now I have to take this up with Ace, so they can lodge a complaint about the missing item.

In the meantime I’m still £150 out of pocket!

Posted by Eileen McGahan
June 18, 2016