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How does YODEL get away with this?

Lost parcel last scanned at Hatfield Depot 16th Dec

We [ The sender and I ] have been told so far by Yodel

a) Thursday 17th The parcel is on way to local Depot
b) Friday 18th The parcel is at Yodel sorting office
c) Saturday 19th The parcel is in transit to Fastwway Ireland [ Yodel said they would do a “Base Check” and notify sender, which was not done ] .
d) ” ” Told to notify Post NL [ Post NL wwas contacted and said parcel was received and scanned by network partner I.E. Yodel ] they gave this location number that it was scanned and received at location number xxxx
e) Monday 21st Sender was told the parcel is in van/lorry transit and to contact Fastway were contacted Monday 21st and Tues 22nd, they have no record of tracking number
f) Monday 21st I was told that Yodel did NOT recieve the parcel, but only the paperwork [ Despite Yodel website states clearly it was scanned and received and was in sorting office Hatfield ] and Post NL website confirms it was received and scanned in UK..

Then was told “If you arrange a replacement parcel to be sent via Yodel. Email in and I’ll gladly track this to ensure delivery for you”. Lol

Tuesday 22nd The parcel HAS entered our network but not been received into the correct depot and it’s last scans was on the 16th with no scans since.

My best advice would be to get in touch with the sender more on this as your contractual relationship lies with the sender blah blah…. This contradicts the previous email in which they said they did not receive it

How do they get away with these sort of issues??

Posted by James Richardson
January 13, 2016