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How many more days will I waste?

I ordered the item for 5th January 2016. I was waiting all day (05.01.2016) at home and nobody came so I checked on website my parcel status and it was written that I missed a parcel and that they left me calling card which I haven’t found.

I spoke with Yodel staff 3 times on 5.01.2016 and we established that on next day (6.01.2016 today) if nobody will be at home they gonna leave package in shop under my flat and I still don’t have a package and calling note which I should have. I was at home all day today!!!!!!! Nobody came??!!??!! I asked in shop as well and nobody was there.

I checked my parcel status today and it is written that I missed parcel AGAIN!!??? I didn’t open doors…

I am curious that maybe people who delivering package to me don’t know how to use door bell or knocking the door because nobody done it since 2 days!!???!!!

How many more days will I gonna waste?

Where are my calling cards??

Why do they lying me??!!???!!???!!!!

Posted by Grzegorz M
January 13, 2016