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I am an ex YODEL driver and would never go back

Just heard about this website and love it. And that’s speaking as an ex driver for Yodel. I had to stop driving this Christmas for medical reasons, and I’m glad to be out. If you think it’s hell being one of Yodels customers, just try being their employee. It’s a nightmare, and the real source of where this hell comes from. It’s flat out impossible to actually do this job or earn even minimum wage without taking risks and cutting corners on deliveries. The liability and burden is all placed onto the driver, and the head office hasn’t got a clue how the job actually works outside their depots.

Personally I wasn’t prepared to take the kinds of risks required to keep up with the work load, being one of the rare few drivers that naively tried to do things “by the books”, and thus was earning in the area of £3 an hour on most days.

The entire industry has competed itself into an impossible situation, and it’s on the verge of collapse. They’ve abused their long term experienced drivers to the point where they’re quitting in droves, and having to be replaced by poor clueless temps with zero time for training and thrown into the deep end.

Without a doubt, the worst job I have ever had. And my previous jobs include dancing inside fuzzy mascot suits, and emptying dog bins for a living. I would rather go back to either of those jobs, even at half the pay, and I am 100% serious.

Keep posting your experiences here. Make this farce known. Rebuild the entire rotten industry.

Posted by ExYodelDriver
December 12, 2013