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Leonardo DiCaprio said to be ‘overjoyed’ YODEL finally delivered his Oscar

Mr DiCaprio, an actor, is reportedly overjoyed to finally take delivery of his Oscar from UK delivery firm YODEL after waiting 23 years. DiCaprio first expected delivery of his Oscar back in 1993 when he ordered one from the company known as ‘The Academy’. However, Mr DiCaprio’s Oscar never arrived. He contacted the Academy, only to be told his order had been dispatched using courier firm YODEL.

This was the first in a long line of disappointments for Mr DiCaprio, as repeated attempts to order an Oscar from the Academy have all ended in YODEL delivering his order to someone else.

Mr DiCaprio commented:

“It’s been a bloody nightmare to be honest. Every time I place an order with the Academy it goes array. YODEL keeps dumping my delivery at the wrong address. Only last year I received a text saying my order had been left at a Mr Redmayne’s house. He doesn’t even live in the same country as me. How can they be so bad?”

A spokesperson for the Academy defended their decision to keep using the under fire courier firm to deliver their Oscars.

“They’re a good delivery company with an excellent record. They’re also very cheap. We’re sorry to hear Mr DiCaprio has been unhappy with our service to date, but we’re pleased it has finally been sorted out”

Mr DiCaprio’s order finally turned up last night, after 23 years. Unfortunately he was out at the time and the package was lobbed over his garden fence, causing severe damage. Mr DiCaprio commented:

“The little head has fallen off. It’s just typical. 23 years and I get a broken one. Guess I’ll have to call the Academy and arrange for them to pick it up and deliver a replacement. Probably be another 23 years now.”

A spokesman for YODEL was unavailable to comment.

Posted by admininstrator
February 29, 2016