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Lost two parcels in two weeks

My name is Edward and the guys from Yodel managed to lose 2 parcels in 2 weeks.
Can you belive this?
The first parcel was never recovered. The second one was suppose o arrive Saturday 15.08.2015 between 7:00 and 12:00.
The delivery was ticket updated today(17.08.2015) at 12:19 that it was signed for it.
All this time I was home….i did not sign for it.
Called them back and they told me that the parcel was signed by JON at 12:19….There is no Jon at the address.
How can you leave any parcel with another person???
What if you live next door and I pick up your 2000 pounds parcel with a laptop inside?(just an example mine was cheaper)
And if you were at the right address why did you not leave a card? And them leave the parcel with someone else?
The company that I bought the products said it’s not their fault and they will not refund me.
Called YODEL back and told me that they will have to wait for the delivery driver to return to the depot take an interview with him and they will call me in 48 hours.
WTF….48 hours to interview 1 stupid driver? What is this an interview for the Bank of England?
All they had to do is call the driver and tell him to go back and take the parcel and then deliver it to the right address.
No they can’t do this. Why? Because he is not allowed to speak on the phone while driving.
They pull the F**K OVER!!!
Stupid idiots.

What am I suppose to do now? Know on every door in my building and ask them if they can let me look inside their home for my products?

Worst courier service ever. Stay away from them…
F***K you YODEL….you owe me my money back…

Posted by Edward Paicu
October 28, 2015