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Tried complaining to YODEL – waste of time

I have recently had an unsuccessful attempt to complain to yodel. I was told my parcel was delivered, signed for by a mid 50’s woman, described my house perfectly. However I was at work and so once I heard this I searched my CCTV. I have clear evidence of the yodel driver walking up to my front door, waiting, walking to my back gate, checking the house again and then hurling – not carefully dropping – but throwing my parcel over the gate. When I tried to complain via on line chat I got no where.

When I tried to find a phone number I couldn’t. However I found an email through trust pilot and then had a number of emails going over the same rubbish, with no apology or compensation for my soaking wet damaged parcel, let alone the lies, the fraudulent ‘signing’ of my signature and the lack of compassion from Yodel.

I have threatened the police – as was told – oh we will get the depot manager to talk with the driver – NOT good enough. If you would like more details, or photos, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I got your details from the CH 4 dispatches twitter, but I am on twitter (cant tweet ! – never used before !) and I don’t know how to contact them. My parcel was from Italy and a birthday present. I don’t see why the sender should have to use their insurance for a blatant, mis-use of trust from yodel……

Posted by Claire
February 3, 2016