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MissGuided and YODEL called me a liar about failed delivery

I received a parcel delivery confirmation from MissGuided and Yodel and the Yodel email said it had been left in a ‘safe place’. When I got home, there was no parcel OR card which I found odd. I rang Yodel straight away and MissGuided, who said they would launch an investigation. At first the driver said he left it in a safe place, then he said he posted it through my door. The changing story made me suspicious. After their ‘investigation’ concluded (which I had to email to ask) they said that they believe the parcel was delivered (basically calling me a liar and disregarding his changing story). So I had to go back to Missguided and ask them to give me a refund (which I’m still waiting to process). Still fuming with Yodel as it was for a dress for my anniversary and their pathetic investigation. They should stop recruiting drivers via Twitter.

Posted by Gabriella Cantelo
December 11, 2013