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My YODEL review I left on Trust Pilot

Below is the review I left on trustpilot regarding movement experiences with yodel!

Absolutely despicable! Biggest liars in existence! Worst service I’ve ever received from a courier!

Ordered flowers for mothers day from eflorist, all was on track to start with but then at 11.30 tracking stated couldn’t find the house! Spent 2 hours between automated line of yodel and emailing florists whose lines were down. After finally managing to speak to a human at yodel they told me the driver couldn’t find the address as eflorist did not provide them with the house number – I was in tears explaining that this might be missing last mothers day with my mum so it was urgent the flowers arrived – I even pleaded that I would collect them from anywhere with any ID they want. The yodel worker said that wouldn’t be necessary and that he would contact the driver with the full address and they would be received today. The yodel worker lied and the flowers never arrived. I reported my complaint formally to yodel Monday – was supposed to have a response in 24 hours, it’s now Thursday! But totally not surprised they make a habit of lying to customers! The cheeky buggers actually tried to deliver the bloody flowers 4 days late! With a bloody ‘sorry’! They knew how important this day was from the state of my pleading phone call but instead of keeping their word they ruined what could be the last mothers day I actually celebrate, thank you yodel for making it memorable in all the wrong ways! The saddest thing is although eflorist didn’t give them the house number the post code was there along with the home phone number of the address it was being delivered to – a simple “what house number are you?” would have sufficed! I’m no Einstein but seemed like a logical bloody move!

I have never been so upset by a company to the point where I’ve been in tears (I am a grown woman of 35 for christ’s sake!) and I’m actually searching for companies yodel delivers for so i can close my accounts with any of them that are relevant to me and my simple explanation will be because i have no trust for their chosen courier whatsoever and doubt I’d receive my items! Not to mention the fact that getting through to a person in their customer service team is like breaking out of Alcatraz! Given there is bound to be issues it’s not worth it! And they ignore formal complaints which again demonstrates their attitude of ‘we don’t give a hoot about our customers’, not ideal for a courier company!


Posted by Liana Michaelides
March 21, 2019