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Some customer feedback for YODEL

This is a copy of what I sent on a customer satisfaction survey:

I had an email saying delivery within two days and offering a link. Followed link said delivery with in 3 days, also said out for delivery and times show it was at 730am ish then about 1030am ish it appeared not to be.
Called yodel ( in its self not easy as your numbers not widely available and some numbers are simply engaged) anyway after 22 mins of badly recorded music I finally spoke to a human. She assured me my parcel would be with me by 9pm, this was at 630pm and we had already had someone in all day!! But if it hadn’t arrived by 850pm to call back to arrange delivery. Guess what after listening to a load of crap music it went past 9pm and no parcel or anyone to speak to.

Whilst on the phone at approx 630pm I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told I would have to ” Esculate my case” whhhhoooo, so promised a call back with in 4 hrs. Well your 4 hrs is up in about 3/4 mins, my chances of getting a call???? About as likely as Elvis riding Shergar to Victory at the Grand National.

Other delivery company’s give texts and 1hr delivery slots and you can even see where the van is live. Running two businesses and receiving on average a package or parcel everyday and sending 3/4 large items a week along with 6/10 small items, I feel your service is WORST I’ve ever had. Do you really expect me to have someone stay home for the next 42hrs, Incase you feel like popping around???

Please feel free to call me on 07952091880, I won’t hold my breath though hey!!!

Posted by David Webber
May 1, 2014