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Total lies from YODEL yet again

I ordered a lot of clothes last Sunday from Adsa as my kids all out of old stuff and I knew weather was going to be bad; so ordered next day delivery nothing comes I had one item Tuesday and another 3 on Wednesday Yodel promised Asda I would receive rest yesterday (Friday) morning. It never came rang this morning Asda call them; Yodel say they tried delivery this very morning but it was refused.

Total lies, I have mobility problems and I cant drive so I rely on home delivery, and now two of my kids have no warm coats one has a chest infection the weather is terrible; and this is because the order was canceled after the said they couldn’t redeliver cos it went straight back to Asda even though its still like 11.28a.m as I’m typing this…not possible

Posted by Claire
November 19, 2015