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Why does Virgin Media use YODEL when they do THIS?

Has anyone also had this experience with the courier service Yodel? They failed to deliver my new phone yesterday, and yet their tracking website claimed they had just delivered it. I was furious when I refreshed the page and saw the delivery claim as I had taken that afternoon off work specifically to wait for the delivery. A Yodel customer service on chat confirmed the driver had dropped off the parcel at the wrong address about two miles away from my place (now, how is that even possible?). Having acknowledged the error, they told me the issue had now been escalated with their depot who would call me within four hours to arrange re-delivery. I also informed Virgin who got in touch with Yodel and confirmed the courier would call me to arrange re-delivery.

Fast forward to this morning; the call didn’t come yesterday, and a chat with a Yodel customer service agent gave me the shock of all shocks: their depot claims the case is now closed as delivery was successful! I protested, pointing out that just the previous day they had acknowledged their driver’s error. And their response? “Well, after the driver’s initial error this was corrected and the driver delivered the parcel to the correct address!” I was livid! Like, how is this even possible? Are we dealing with a mafia organisation here, or a legitimate company in first world, 21st century Britain? I’ve since read hundreds of reviews and the question uppermost on my mind is: given its appalling record, why does Virgin Media even use Yodel as their courier?

Posted by Chofamba Innocent Sithole
April 12, 2019