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YODEL are all thieves and liars

Good old Yodel, for the third time in one month they have said they have handed an Amazon order to a non-existent neighbour.

I get my Amazon orders delivered to my parents as I am at work all day. They have a tied cottage within gated grounds, where there are three more properties. At no point did the van driver even come up to the gates to attempt delivery. However, they think it is perfectly acceptable to say that a neighbour has signed for it, which is a great reason for stealing the parcel and therefore having no accountability.

The Yodel courier for Cholderton, Salisbury, Wiltshire is nothing more than a THIEF and it is high time this person was investigated and prosecuted.
Yodel employ thieves who will steal your parcels and say they have delivered them.

Additionally at Christmas they said that they had delivered a parcel to me but I couldn’t sign for it as I was blind, which I most definitely am not. Again, I never saw that parcel either.

Someone please sort this fraudulent company out, it can only be a matter of time before they are prosecuted. THIEVES AND LIARS.

April 23, 2019