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YODEL delivered a smashed mirror and ran off

Driver arrived, fifties hanging out of mouth, asked me to sign whilst he got the large parcel, a mirror, out of the van. He dumped down the mirror, ran and I mean ran to van and sped off. The parcel was a box of broken pieces.

I contacted supplier and was sent another mirror, first one was left on the doorstep to be collected. We felt safe doing that as it just rattled when picked up.
Same driver, same item a few days later. Again mirror was broken, not so badly this time. Same routine, it was sent back, the supplier then said they would use a different courier.

During the second delivery the driver put his ciggie down on the gravel by my door.

A few days later a different parcel but same driver. I asked him why he felt it was ok to deliver obviously broken items, and to leave broken glass on my doorstep.

A stream of abuse was issued at me, culminating in “I don’t have to put up being abused by you, I have my human rights. You’ll never get another parcel from me.”

He then got back into his van with my parcel. Subsequent parcels were never delivered, they were returned to the suppliers as customer refused delivery.

It was a nightmare to sort this out with Yodel, but eventually it was, and I have had no problems since.

To get back to the ciggie on the gravel, my dog urinates on that spot each morning. Just deserts I think.

The moral of the tale is if you are at home or out, you can still get a rotten service.

Posted by josephine bond
December 11, 2013