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YODEL didn’t even try to deliver my parcel

So I wait in all day for a ‘3rd’ attempt at delivering my parcel… I don’t venture out… I wait constantly checking Yodel’s website, it does not update, in fact the website, says my parcel is at the ‘Middleton’ depot… with a message…

‘We are sorry, but it appears your parcel has been delayed.’

Does that mean it’s not coming today? On the van… or what? I have no idea!

Finally at 19:21 the Yodel website updates with information… It tells me ‘Returned to local service centre Middleton service centre 14th Dec 2013 17:17’ So was it on the van today, and the driver couldn’t find me? Clearly he’s not tried to deliver it… perhaps he was too stressed and overwhelmed with all the Christmas deliveries… and so decided not to bother and go to the pub!

I give up… I think I’ll go and start a ‘BAN YODEL’ march at there offices on the Albert Dock Liverpool! (Yes we know where the management for Yodel are…)

Posted by Disgruntled Yodel Customer
December 16, 2013