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YODEL failed to deliver as my address was not in the driver’s satnav

YODEL was supposed to deliver an order 3 weeks ago but could not and the reason given was that ‘my address was not on his satnav’ ! This is in spite of numerous deliveries I have had from many other couriers and address is also shown on Google Street !

I then made several phone calls which no one answered and even tried calling their Headoffice.

I then got the firm I ordered goods from to contact YODEL to make a 2nd delivery which needless to say did not show up ! The reason given by YODEL was ‘their driver was assaulted by someone unknown’ !

Again another 3rd appointment was made and yet again no parcel ! The reason given was ‘driver ran out of time’ !

I finally told the firm that I was cancelling the order unless they used another courier and NOT YODEL.

They agreed and made a next day appointment and Royal Mail PARCEL FORCE showed up with the goods right on time !

Posted by James
December 13, 2013