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YODEL has parcel that was ordered two months ago!

Another update… I wait in again… all day on Tuesday for a 4th attempt at delivering my parcel! It fails to turn up. I speak to three different people in a Yodel Call Centre (Customer Services) and each and every one tells me a different story…

Finally at 14:54 the website updates with that all too familiar sentence ‘At Middleton Service Centre’ by this point I have steam coming from my ears and I am losing the plot!

Yodel expect me to stay in again for a 5th time… no chance, I ask the person to see if I can go and pick it up at the depot… she tries to reach them but they are not answering the phone, she says it would be my choice to go but cannot guarantee my parcel will be there.

Someone kindly takes me (I don’t drive) and it takes 55 minutes through rush hour traffic to reach the depot. It then takes another 15 minutes for my parcel to be found. Imagine my shock and horror when the parcel turns out to be ‘an order’ that is supposedly already showing as returned to the sender at an online catalogue firm and that was sent with a different courier completely not linked to Yodel!

I refuse the parcel and tell them to return it to sender… after all it was initially order and returned in October… no wonder the catalogue company are having trouble finding it, it’s been with Yodel!

A complete mystery… my New Year’s Resolution is ‘Never to shop with anyone who uses Yodel for the deliveries!’ AND never take a job with them no matter how desperate some of there staff are to recruit you!!!!

Posted by Disgruntled Yodel Customer
December 19, 2013