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YODEL lost parcel from Topshop and said I was no longer their problem

Ordered a parcel from #Topshop for next day delivery. Stayed in all day waiting. No delivery. Tracked it on the Yodel site was advised “could not gain access to property” Not only is there just ONE door but I also left my telephone number on the delivery address.
Day two, still no parcel. Tracking side advised “could not gain access to property, card left”
No card, no delivery.

Day three, no delivery no card. Site advised “Delivered to customer via letterbox”
1. it would not fit in my letterbox for love nor money.
2. nothing was delivered.

Called Yodel, was on hold for ages to finally be cut off by an automated service advising they were “too busy, call back later”

Emailed yodel via their comments section. NO response. So I tweeted about it instead and tagged them. I was surprised to get a phone call in which i was advised the driver had been interviewed and told them he delivered it to “number 3”. Which is odd because my address is 42. I asked the lady on the phone what address they had for me and she confirmed 42 and my postcode.
She said she would look further into it.

I also contacted Topshop and advised them of the same. They told me they would look into it.

I had an e-mail from Yodel advising me that it was no longer their problem as it was a dispute with the delivery so I should contact Topshop. But that their driver had now said he left it with my neighbour to the right. This is number 41 not number 3. So either theres some lies being brewed up or he’s a complete idiot. I intend to get my money back or compensation from Topshop or Yodel one way or another if I have to march into Topshop and take the amount owed to me in goods.

Posted by jo black
December 17, 2013