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YODEL ripped open my parcel and stole the contents

Package Contents Lost Or Stolen by Yodel on the 17/11 2015 between Exeter and Newton Abbot Devon UK. I ordered this item from ebay, private seller New York USA on 27/10/2015 arrived in the UK on 11/11/2015 at 13Ten, they sat on it for a week and then handed the package over to yodel, I phoned 13 Ten and they said the package was with yodel and the package is marked as damaged they also said that they would not ship an empty package as they have to weigh it.

So I drove down to Newton Abbot Depot and was given an empty package, which had been ripped open and the contents stolen.

I have reported this to the Police but as its not the Crown Jewels, I don’t think I will ever see my item again.

Posted by Brian Ford
December 1, 2015