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YODEL said parcel was delivered, but nobody had it

I have had a lot of different issues with Yodel. The most recent being that my parcel was delivered – but it actually wasn’t. None of my neighbours had it, I didn’t have it and no one came to the door the day it was delivered.

So I rang, after working out how to speak to a person rather than the automated machine, and it turned out the signature was illegible and they hadn’t used the correct process of recording therefore I was told the chances were it had been stolen. Four days later and many phone calls to the original retailer and Yodel I threatened to go to the Police as it was obvious that this was a theft, especially as there is only one delivery driver in my area.

Low and behold, after this threat, my parcel was found and it turns out it was never delivered and the driver had ‘got it wrong’ and it would now be delivered today. We will see if it actually ever turns up, I’m not getting my hopes up. This company needs to be shut down ASAP

Posted by Charlotte
January 22, 2014